Malta Enterprise and MCAST promote aviation careers in booming industry

Illustration: Close-up shot of the jet of a passenger aircraft. (source: Unsplash/Luka Slapnicar)

As the Maltese aviation industry has recently been on an upwards curve, Malta Enterprise and MCAST are launching a campaign for promoting jobs in the sector, according to a press statement sent to the Business Malta.

The growing aviation industry has attracted the attention of both local and foreign investors, the press statement says. Job vacancies in the sector are hiking, especially for technicians. Grappling on the most recent trends, Malta Enterprise, a government agency responsible for supporting economic growth, and Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), a vocational education and training institution in Malta, partnered up to promote the aviation technician career path as a solid option for the youth at the beginning of their education.

MCAST already offers specific courses for technicians within the aviation sector; specifically in maintenance, repair and overhaul. Enrollment for new classes is opening up in February. For further information, visit the official website of MCAST.

The courses on offer require Ordinary Level (O-Level) standard of education; however, Foundation Courses are available for candidates who currently do not meet the entry requirements.

“The campaign is one of the initiatives that Malta Enterprise carries out to support and stimulate economic growth, job creation and further training of the workforce,” the press statement says.

The aviation industry has been experiencing rapid growth worldwide, chiefly fuelled by booming tourism industries, readily available flights thanks to low-fare airlines, and an increasingly globalised economy. Middle-class expansion has also contributed to the popularisation of air travel, according to an analysis put out by Oxford Business Group. Aircraft manufacturer giant Boeing forecasts an additional 41,000 plane deliveries by 2036.

The global trend is highly visible in Malta, too. Malta Airport’s traffic in 2018 reached 6,808,177, which is a 13.2% growth as compared to the preceding year. Calculating with a further 5.8% growth for 2019, Malta Airport expects to break the glass ceiling of 7.2 million passengers by the end of the year.